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Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed

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A stunning vigorous, eye-catching upright variety with large 4 inch blooms in shades of blue, crimson, red and white all with contrasting showy stars.

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Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed

Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed. A stunning vigorous, eye-catching upright variety with large 4 inch blooms in shades of blue, crimson, red and white all with contrasting showy stars. A superb garden performer. Ideal for baskets, pots, tubs, beds and borders. Prefers sun and well drained soil. Half hardy annual, growing to a maximum height of 12in. Easy to grow.

Cultivation Advice

  1.  These flowers thrive in full sun. Ensure they receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth and blooming.
  2.  Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry, especially during hot, dry periods. Avoid overhead watering to prevent fungal issues.
  3.  Use well-draining soil with good aeration. Consider mixing in compost to improve soil quality and drainage.
  4.  Feed them regularly with a balanced fertilizer designed for flowering plants. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging for the right dosage and frequency.
  5.  Remove faded flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming. Pinch or trim off spent flowers to promote new growth.
  6. Plant with adequate spacing to allow for good air circulation, preventing diseases and supporting healthier growths.
  7. Monitor for pests like aphids or caterpillars. Treat promptly with organic solutions to prevent infestations. Ensure good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases.
  8.  Lightly prune to maintain shape and encourage bushiness. Trim back leggy stems to promote a compact, fuller appearanced.
  9. : In colder climates, petunias are often treated as annuals. If desired, consider bringing containers indoors or covering plants in the grounds with mulch to protect them from frost.
  10.  Have fun with various color combinations and placements. Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed offers a wide array of hues, allowing for creative landscaping.
  11.  Ensure the soil is well-draining and loose. You can mix in perlite or sand to enhance drainage. Loamy soil with good aeration is ideal for these flowers.
  12.  Water at the base of the plant early in the morning to allow foliage to dry during the day, reducing the risk of fungal infections. Use a watering can or soaker hose to deliver water directly to the roots.
  13.  Apply a layer of organic mulch around the plants to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weed growth. Mulch also contributes to soil health as it decomposes.
  14. Opt for a fertilizer with higher phosphorus content to promote flower production. A slow-release fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength can work well. Apply according to the package instructions.
  15.  Petunias thrive in moderately warm temperatures. They can handle cooler nights but may struggle in excessively hot temperatures. Provide shade during intense midday sun if needed.
  16.  If growing in containers, ensure they have drainage holes. Use a potting mix specifically formulated for container plants and be attentive to watering, as pots can dry out more quickly than garden soil.
  17.  Consider planting Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed alongside other flowers that complement their colors or have similar care needs. Marigolds,  lobelia, and verbena are good  companions.
  18.  Proper spacing, good air circulation, and avoiding overhead watering help prevent common diseases like powdery mildew. Use preventive organic fungicides if necessary.
  19.  If you’d like to collect seeds for future planting, allow some flowers to wilt naturally on the plant. Once dry, collect the seeds and store them in a cool, dry place.
  20.  Regularly inspect your plants for any signs of stress, pests, or diseases. Prompt action can prevent issues from escalating and help maintain healthy,  vibrant plants.
  21. These additional tips should assist you in providing optimal care for your Petunia Nana Compacta Mixed, allowing them to flourish and brighten your garden with their stunning display of colors.

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