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Lettuce Lolla Rossa Organic

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Beautiful magenta leaves with tiny frills, light green bases and mild flavour, an Italian favourite. Small incredibly hardy 5-8″ half-globe heads make ideal baby greens. Cut-and-come-again. Looseleaf.

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Lettuce Lolla Rossa Organic

Lettuce Lolla Rossa Organic .  delight in gardens, boasts striking burgundy leaves with frilly edges, adding a pop of color to salads and dishes. Its tender texture and mild, slightly nutty flavor make it a favorite among lettuce varieties. Grown organically, this Italian heirloom variety thrives in cooler temperatures, showcasing its vibrant hues best in partial shade or full sun. With consistent moisture and well-draining soil, this lettuce flourishes, offering a continuous harvest as its outer leaves are plucked, regenerating for a fresh supply of crisp, flavorful greens.

Cultivation Advice

  • Sow from late spring until autumn in drills or under cover from the last frost until winter.
  • When large enough to handle plant out ensuring at least 9 inches between plants.
  • Keep moist during dry weather.
  • Don’t pull the entire plant, keep harvesting leaves to encourage further tender growth.

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