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Cabbage Ornamental Mix Organic


Eye catching rosettes of brightly-coloured leaves create an impression of giant flowers which will brighten autumn beds, borders and containers. Colour develops and intensifies as temperatures drop.

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Cabbage Ornamental Mix Organic

Cabbage Ornamental Mix Organic Comprehensive seed and plant mixes for organic ornamental cabbage are a great feature that would enhance your garden with varied colored leaves offering unique textures. Its cooler-frame variety, these cabbages grow best in full sun to part shade and well-drained rich soil base that is mildly acidic to neutral. For spring planting, start seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost date or sow them directly in early fall for a lovely autumn show. Keep the soil most at all times and feed with organic compost or balanced, good-rich fertilizers. Ornamental cabbages are visually striking and will attract a lot of beneficial insects to your garden, keeping it sustainable as well.

Cultivation Advice Cabbage Ornamental Mix

  • Ornamental Kale and Cabbage each have different germination conditions.
  • Cabbage seeds need light to germinate so do not cover them completely, just lightly till with the top soil.
  • Plant kale seeds as light soil cover.
  • Both should be sown in trays / seeds
  • pot from Mid Summer before the cool weather aprox 7-8 weeks before planting
  • the final growing position.
  • If soil germination temperature is 65-70F it makes the best output.
  • They require cold to germinate.
  • Germination 7-10 days.
  • Plant on into trays when large enough to handle.
  • They should be not less than 5 in before planting out.
  • If you’re transplanting them into an outdoor container or a bed, here is the outlet for water.
  • take off the bottom leaves and plant so that they are at soil-level or just below it
  • Brassicas should not be consecutively planted in the same spot.

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