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Broccoli De Ciccio Organic Seeds

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One of the best of the old-fashioned Italian broccolis, this Italian heirloom variety is suitable for fall and spring sowing. De Ciccio is a compact plant and very productive producing an early central blue-green head, followed by numerous side shoots into early summer.

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Broccoli De Ciccio Organic Seeds

Broccoli De Ciccio Organic seeds. An old-fashioned Italian broccoli that’s amongst the greatest, this variety of culinary heirloom broccolis can be sown in autumn and spring. De Ciccio -Smaller plant but very productive with an early central blue-green head followed by many side shoots in to summer. We suggest you cut the central head off when it is about 3″ in diameter, as this will stimulate more side shoots. The spring shoots and leaves are edible as spring greens.

Cultivation Advice Broccoli De Ciccio Organic

  • Start 4-6 weeks before the last frost, for a long harvest season and sow thinly under cover 1/8in deep.

    Outdoor Sowings: 2-4 weeks before the last frost in drills spaced 12 inches apart.

    Plant out, 1in. apart, or thin and grow on!

    Harden off and plant out under cover ones grown inside 12-18 in apart

    Sow outdoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost for fall sowing.

    Broccoli needs plenty of organic matter in a heavily mulched soil.

    At transplanting, add bone meal to the soil in and around the plant.

    Pick the main head at 2-3 inches so you get more of those vigorous side shoots.

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