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Beetroot Bulls Blood Organic

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A dual purpose variety grow for both its salad leaves and blood ret beets. This beautiful beet has deep reddish-purple leaves, which are very sweet, tender and a very popular addition to salads.

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Beetroot Bulls Blood Organic

Beetroot Bulls Blood Organic The striking Heirloom variety ‘Bulls Blood Organic’ with its deep burgundy-red leaves and dark red, globe-shaped roots. Beet root is high in calcium & iron also comes directly from Yates Family Collection – Ideal for salads crimson colour bleeds brightens up any dish! A dual-purpose plant, it makes your gardens aesthetically more functional with colorful foliage and its roots are sweet in nature that goes well while using for various cooking purposes. Sow seeds directly in rich, well-drained soil as soon as the last frost has passed-planting them 2-3 inches apart and placing rows every 12 to 18 inches. Best growth in full sun with soil kept constantly moist. Baby beets can take between 7 to 8 weeks, and mature roots about ten to twelve. You can harvest the leaves as required. Use ‘Bulls Blood Organic’ beets fresh in salads, roasted, pickled or cooked and use the tender leaves as greens. It is a favorite of gardeners for both its beauty and broad range uses in the kitchen.Beetroot ‘Bulls Blood Organic’ is an old favorite of ours: vibrant burgundy-red leaves are used in salads and dark red roots enjoy a sweet, earthy flavor.

Cultivation Advice 

  • Plant the seed in springs as soon after all frost, and late spring successive planting.

    SEED SOWING AND PLANTINGSow thinly at a depth of 1cm in rows spaced 30cm apart.

    When seedlings are large enough thin to 5-8cm spacing

    Direct sow/under cover-heated greenhouse early in modules

    Seeds / trays, and transplanted using 2″ seedlings when there is no danger of frost.

    Faster germination if you soak the seed for half to one hour in warm water before sowing.

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