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One of the largest and most popular Italian leaf basil?s available with a much stronger flavour and heavier aroma than the regular Genovese Basil.



Basil FOGLIA DI LATTUGA PICTORIAL PACKET Probably the largest and most heavily savoured Italian leaf basil on the market, it seems to possess more essential oil than even Genovese amongst its sweet greenleaves! These mammoth hand sized leaves bring a rich flavour that will cater to serious pesto makers. The seed in this premium pictorial packet is SOW TRUE SEEDS, produced by native Italian farmers. Sow by date given on the packet. Packet Size 12 x 16.5cm

Cultivation Advice

  • How Much Sunlight: Select an area that receives full sun for 6-8 hours daily or use grow lights indoors.

    SoilWell-draining, nutrient-rich soil amended with compost.

    Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep, 8-12 inches apart in your garden bed or container.

    Container: Choose a pot with drainage holes and use well-draining potting mix.

    Keep soil moist..mulch to retain moisture.

    Fertilization: Balanced fertilizer or compost every month.

    Trimming: Pinch or prune grow tips frequently to encourage more branches and discourage flowering.

    Harvesting: Harvest leaves often from the top for culinary use.

    Pests: Check for aphids or spider mites; treat with water spray, organic soap.

    Ventilation: Keep everything aerated to discourage the growth of fungi.

    Temperature: Provide cold protection; grow indoors in colder months.

    Cultural Information: Plant with tomatoes, peppers; oregano and parsley are beneficial.

    Culinary: sweet, mild salads-pasta-sauce-pesto

    Propagation:It”s super easy to propagate in water or soil from stem cuttings.

    pH: Soil pH 6.0-7.5;with organic follows ups to manage.getBlock the way

    Mulching – apply a layer of organic mulch to help regulate soil temperature and moisture.

    Seed Saving: Let some plants go to flower and save seeds for next year.

    Growing indoors: Best done year-round in sunny indoor spots

    Storage: Keep leaves fresh by freezing in ice cubes or dry and store inside airtight containers protected from sunlight.

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