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Aubergine Long Purple Organic


A medium early variety producing high yields of smooth, long and dark cylindral fruit around 20cm long. It has compact flesh with very few seeds that makes this variety withstand most handling and is easy to peel.


Aubergine Long Purple Organic

Aubergine Long Purple Organic A smooth, long dark cylindral fruit around 20cm long that yields very high. The flesh is firm and light with few seeds which means it holds up to the most handling, peels easily. Optimal growth is attained in unheated greenhouse, but will give a fair crop under just warmer garden conditions.

Cultivation Advice For Aubergine Long Purple organic

  • Germination Time: 10 to 20 days

    Optimum Soil Temp. For Germination: 70 to 80F

    Days To Harvest: 80 days

    Planting Depth: 1/4inch

    When to Plant: 20-30 inches between plants

    Exposure: Full Sun / indoors on glass

    Plant 2 seeds per pot in early spring, barely covering with fine soil and maintain minimum temp of about 70 until germination.

    Sow 2.5cm deep in good seed sowing compost every second week, Start March for greenhouse cultivation or April outdoors -prick out into trays and plant outside under glass when large enough to handle

    Darkness: Cannot tolerate cold conditions

    Encourage grow through supportDos and don’ts to keep pest free

    Add potassium rich fertilizer with each watering to help promote fruit development after the plants have set fruit.

    Pick before skin shine is lost to aid further production.

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