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Aubergine Egg Plant Seeds


One of the earliest, most popular and reliable varieties, producing heavy crops of deep purple, egg shaped globes that grow to about 6 to 5 inches on sturdy plants. The flesh is smooth, creamy and pale yellow.

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Aubergine Egg Plant Seeds

Aubergine Egg Plant Seeds grow plants with shiny purple-skinned fruits. Sun – These are summer-loving vegetables that prefer all-day sunshine in well drained soil amended with ample organic matter. To grow cabbage, either start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost or transplant seedlings outdoors after danger of the final spring frost. Row Spacing 18-24 inches apart for proper plant or space utilization. Keep the plants evenly moist, watering heavily during periods of dryness and mulching around the plant with organic matter to conserve moisture levels. Use sharp tools to cut glossy, firm ripe fruit from the plant 2-3 months after planting. Known worldwide, eggplant is a high-fiber food containing myriad healthy vitamins and minerals.

Cultivation Advice Aubergine Egg Plant Seeds

Germination Time: 10 to 20 days

Optimum Soil Temp. For Germination: 70 to 80F

Days To Harvest: 80 days

Planting Depth: 1/4inch

Spacing, Plant: 20-30 inches

Exposure: Sun / under glass

In Spring, Sow in 2 seeds per pot cover lightly with fine soil and keep at least ~70F until germinated.

These will not take the cold.

Support and disease free

If fruit has set, water once a week with some potassium-rich liquid feed to help the fruits develop.

For more of the same, pick just before surface shine is lost.


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