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Begonias Tuberous Illumination Golden Picotee F1

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One of the best trailing tuberous begonias available with a true Cascading habit and an abundance of 5cm double flowers that spill over in a spectacular display of colour all season.


Begonias Tuberous Illumination Golden Picotee F1

Begonias ‘Tuberous Illumination Golden Picotee F1’ is another dazzling type that boasts golden-yellow petals with a fine picotee of red-fringed tips. This tuberous begonia grows best in part to full shade and requires well-drained, rich soil with peat moss. Perl tubers with the concave side up, and water as needed to keep them moist during growing season, but prevent soil from being saturated. Removing spent flowers by deadheading encourages the plant to continue blooming throughout spring, summer and fall in pots or hanging baskets or nestled within garden beds where its vibrant color can be showcased. Feed with a balanced fertilizer every few weeks to encourage lush growth and bountiful blooms. Shelter from severe winds and frost, lifting tubers in colder climates for overwintering so these fabulous flowers keep coming back year after year.

Cultivation Advice 

  • Approx. Sow to Flowering: 20-22 weeks from seed

    Sow thinly Dec – March. The seeds are photosensitive and undergo 12 hours of light every day. So early sowing will need light.

    Surface sow the seeds and… Lightly press into finely sieved seed compost. Seed needs light to germinate so do not cover.

    Enclose the tray/pot in a clear plastic bag or put glass (like cutting board) on top for humidiy. Under soaking tray water.

    The seeds won’t germinate without a temperature of at least 25C so they will need to be under the heated mat or in propagator.

    They will sprout in 14-60 days, depending on how warm you keep them.

    Pot on later into small pots and grow them under gentle, cooler conditions. Transplant to container/beds 9-12 inches apart after danger of frost.


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