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Beetroot Detroit Dark Red Organic

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Round, well coloured tender roots with dark red, sweet flesh up to 3-4in across. Ideal for staggered rows over a long season. The leafy tops can also be used as a tasty spinach substitute.

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Beetroot Detroit Dark Red Organic

Beetroot ‘Detroit Dark Red Organic’  boasts deep red globe-shaped roots with a delicious robust fresh flavor. Plant seed directly in a well drained, fertile soil after the danger of frost has passed — seeds should be 1 inch deep and 2-3 inches apart in rows spaced about one foot to eighteen inches apart. This type prefers full sun would will do OK in partial shade. The baby beets will be ready within 7-8 weeks and the mature roots in around 10 -12 weeks, so do not let them dry out as this would stunt their growth. Savor ‘Detroit Dark Red Organic’ beets fresh in salads, roasted or pickled – along with the nutritious greens. Weeding on a regular basis, monitoring for pests like aphids and storing the harvested roots


  • Sow seeds in situ in Spring after the last frost when the ground has warmed up and then plant successive sowings to early summer.
  • Thinly Sow 1cm deep in rows 30cm apart.
  • Thin seedlings to 8cm apart.
  • Early sowings can be made indoors / heated greenhouse in modules /trays and planted out at 5cm tall after all risk of frost has passed
  • Pre soaking seed in warm water 0.5 – 1 hour before sowing will speed up germination.

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